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>Is exercise the cure?

>We’ve all heard about the how exercising keeps you healthy. But now Jorg Bleck’s written a book about research on the ways that exercise helps people recover from illness.

Healing through Exercise: Scientifically-Proven Ways to Prevent and Overcome Illness and Lengthen Your Life (whew!) is reviewed extensively by Jesse Kornbluth on the Head Butler site. Jesse says the message is a kinder, gentler version of the “get off your but and get moving” theme we heard in Younger Next Year.

I’m intrigued, because I’m sold on exercise but have been discouraged because I don’t like to do my usual yoga routine if I have a bad cold or a migraine. Apparently Bleck’s philosophy is more to the effect of “don’t worry about pumping iron. Just go take a walk.”

Which, by the way, I think I’ll go do.

>Sanity meets dieting at The Diet Blog

>While I don’t like the concept of “dieting” I have to say that one of the best blogs about people, eating, and food is The Diet Blog. It’s written not by industry types touting a particular diet but by writers with real interest in researching and explaining issues around eating, exercise, and weight — sometimes, but not always, in terms of their own experiences.

>Yet more on Seattle teahouses

>Pacific Northwest Seasons has a review of the tea house on NW 85th St., Zendog Studio. It’s a “photography studio-art gallery-frame shop-teahouse” that does tea ceremonies.

>Seattle Tea Houses

>Tea Time Chatter reviews a new tea house at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue. Has anyone tried the tea house in Crown Hill on NW 85th St.?

>"Serious Eats" is serious fun

>While researching duck-fat fries, I came across the website Serious Eats. They have, among other things, recipes for Girl Scout Cookies.

>Power Belly Dance

>I’ve always wondered if I were communicating clearly when I talk about belly dancing with a weight belt, which I do every Tuesday or Thursday at Delilah’s Visionary Dance studio in Fremont. Fortunately, Delilah’s just done a promotional video about it! (Yes, she really does teach the class in jeans and a tank top.)

>My fantasy Thanksgiving dinner

>Roasted turkey with garlic cloves and olive oil (no stuffing, just herbs inside) served with a mushroom-infused reduction of the pan juices
Fresh cranberry orange relish
Butterleaf lettuce salad with pear (or tomato) slices and vinaigrette
Grill-roasted herbed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, and chunks of squash
Sourdough and butterfly rolls (store-bought) with whipped butter
Baked Granny Smith apples (baked with liquor-and-ricotta filling)
Individual pumpkin puddings (same recipe as pie filling, but substitute brown sugar and double the ginger)

Yes, this is Thanksgiving dinner without gravy, stuffing, pie crust, and whipped cream. I think eating it would make me feel satisfied but not overwhelmed. But I can’t imagine having the nerve to serve this for fear people would think I’d joined the food police.

What do you think?