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>Diet or exercise?

>Ten years ago, while editing a magazine for a major healthcare system, I asked several doctors which they would prefer their patients do, watch their diets or focus on exercise.

The doctors all said “exercise.”

Mike Howard at the excellent Diet Blog reports on a study that compared people on diets with people on exercise programs, measuring not just weight loss but body fat percentage.

I was betting that exercise returned the best results, but what the study found was far more complex.

Unfortunately, the criteria I was most interested in were apparently not part of the study — measurements of hips, waist, chest, upper arms, and thighs.

>Money and fitness goals

>The excellent Diet Blog notes that the new StickK website lets you set up a contract in which you set a goal, choose a referee, and then deposit money that you can’t get back until the referee affirms that you’ve met your goal. (If you don’t make the goal, the money goes to a charity of your choice.)

StickK (“Put a contract out on yourself!”) has online communities for the popular goals of exercise, weight loss, and quitting smoking.

Would this work for you?