>Bidder beware

>Confessions of an online shopper: A good portion of my wardrobe comes from eBay. These are mostly items like bras or shoes where I’ve purchased a particular item somewhere at full price, like it, and feel confident about getting a second item online. In most cases, I can get the item “new with tags” on eBay for less than half price. (In fact, because many brands discontinue styles after just a few months, eBay is often the only place I can get a second item.)

So, I’d been following a pair of Corso Como shoes that sell fairly reliably for $129 online and in stores. When the eBay bidding edged up past $60 (not including shipping) I thought, “Hey, hold on here…”

I then did a quick re-check at Amazon.com and found the shoes new, from Amazon itself (with free Prime shipping) for $59. I bought them.

A couple of hours later an email from eBay informed me that someone had purchased the eBay shoes for (ouch) $89.

Speaking of shoe deals, I won’t be able to make the Onlineshoes.com warehouse sale in Mukilteo tomorrow because I’m joining my neighbor Theresa having a yard sale. She has a whole garage full of furniture and kids’ stuff she is most anxious to unload. I’ve got mostly plants, planters, fountains, and some home decor.

We start at 10 a.m. Early birds will be shot and stuffed.

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