>April is the cruelest month

>I love summer clothes, fall clothes, and winter clothes, but I’ve never liked spring clothing.

I guess I remember junior high school in Virginia and all the pastel floral shirt dresses and John Meyer matched cardigan-and-skirt outfits (and, one year, a lime green polished cotton dirndl skirt with white fishnet stockings) I suffered through.

For me, spring is the season when it’s too late to stride around in my favorite black boots but too cold to start showing off beautifully pedicured toes in my favorite strappy sandals. Instead, I have to deal with pantyhose (creepy), uncomfortable shoes, and socks — and end up freezing to death anyway.

Worse, spring is the one season when I can’t wear all black, so I end up realizing that no two grays (or beiges) will ever match, and that denim doesn’t quite work for business meetings — though I’ve certainly tried to get away with it.

As it would happen, I have a client meeting early tomorrow morning with a client known for her impeccable and expensive Eileen Fisher wardrobe. I’m thinking this is the moment to wear understated black pants and tank top with the long silver-beige Eileen Fisher jacket/sweater I snagged at a thrift shop and have been wondering about. It’s an idea, but I don’t think I have a raincoat long enough to cover the damn sweater.

Oh, please. Isn’t it June yet?

The one glimmer of hope on the horizon: I have a few VIP passes for the OnlineShoes.com warehouse sale in Mukilteo Saturday morning at 9 a.m. (General public isn’t admitted until 10 a.m.) My friend Kim and I went to the fall sale and each came away with five or six pairs of the most stunning shoes and boots, and we each spent less than $120.

Interested? You know how to reach me… I’ll be happy to give you a pass.

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