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Confessions of a fashion accessories wimp

I love it when I can pull an outfit together (right lengths, right colors, right shoes) but I don’t push my luck with accessories. I go with a necklace; maybe a pair of earrings. But often I can’t even put on a simple necklace and earrings combination without feeling cluttered.

This photograph (“More Is Never Enough”) from Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style blog suggests that I’m doing it all wrong and that when it comes to accessories, you can’t be tentative.

Everything about this example, from sunglasses frames to lipstick, is big and bold. And it totally works. Silver, gray, turquoise, and red are the themes that pull it all together. And we’re talking four rings, three bracelets, a belt, and a major necklace with pendant.

Come to think of it, I don’t think the look would work nearly as well without the sunglasses.