If you like Wacoal, try Bali’s Lilyettes

For a few years, the only bra I’ve found that looks good while being truly comfortable is Wacoal’s 85185 Bodysuede Underwire. But it’s still a lot of bra, and particularly warm in the summer months.

Attractive young girl with historical armor shot in studioAttempting to find alternatives in my largish cup size, I’ve ordered bras by Fantasie, Glamorize, and a few other brands. A bit overconstucted? When I tried them on and checked in the mirror, I looked like I was waiting to take the stage as Brunhilde in The Ring Cycle.

I sent them back. Someday, I told myself, someday someone will make a lightweight, comfortable bra that fits me.

Well, now Bali has. The sub-brand is called “Lilyette.” Three styles of Lilyette bras arrived today and they’re all comfortable:

  • 0434 – Enchantment Minimizer aka Enchantment Lace Minimizer (which isn’t all that minimizing, but it looks fine and feels featherweight)
  • 0456 – Side Support Minimizer aka Embellished Keyhole Minimizer (which has very attractive use of lace and fabric)
  • 0904 – Dreamwire Minimizer aka Plunge into Comfort Keyhole Minimizer (a t-shirt bra in a choice of jacquard or smooth satin fabric)

All three bras make use of fabrics that are slightly stretchy (similar to the Wacoal 85185) so you don’t feel “sewn in.” The back closure has three hooks to a column (not quite as secure as the Wacoal’s four, but the back doesn’t ride up).

This page on the Bali (Hanes) site describes “the Lily fit:”

  • Open neckline, accommodates lower and wider necklines on clothes
  • Less projection, but cups are shaped rather than flattening
  • Natural support, with wider-set straps and an “open underwire”

There are 14 Lilyette bras, 10 of which are available in my cup size. As you might note in the list of styles above, the company doesn’t seem to have settled on names for the bras — website names did not agree with the names on the tags. However, the model numbers I listed are reliable.

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