New tastes in yogurt: Some work, some don’t

Single-serving yogurt containers are shrinking to 6 oz. servings, while their fat contents are rising — and prices are going up. How does something this plain get so fancy?

bowl and spoon with yoghurtIt all started with the Greek yogurts that appeared on the market three years ago. I’ve tried them all, and have settled on Fage (plain) as far and away my favorite, whether it’s the non-fat or the 2%. (Chobani is my runner up, and I’ve heard Costco’s plain nonfat is delicious.)

My idea of a yogurt treat (at a mere 150 calories) is vanilla yogurt, and I’m enamored of the Brown Cow “cream top” yogurt from California. But on a recent trip to the supermarket (where they have a floor-to-ceiling wall of yogurts at least 12 feet long) I spotted a tempting new yogurt that has become my favorite.

Bellwether Farms sheep milk yogurt is a traditional (non-Greek) style yogurt with little specks of vanilla it it. They’ve dialed way back on the sugar that mars so many more commercial vanilla yogurts. In fact, the yogurt is just a tad salty, like the lassi drink found in Indian restaurants. The result is complex and sophisticated.

Their website says, “Our sheep’s milk yogurt is sweeter than goat’s milk, tastier than soy and richer than cow’s milk!”

Goat’s milk?

Now I’ll have to go back to the store for goat milk yogurt by Redwood Hill Farm.

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