Notes on Zumba

I’m spoiled. When I’m in Florida, I do Zumba with Casta Melendez at the East Naples Community Center.

Casta turned me on to the music of Latin pop star Romeo Santos for Zumba. This week I tried out a Zumba class in Seattle (CompFit studio in Wallingford) with Eliana Coyle. After the class, I asked Eliana if she did any choreography to Santos’ music. She plugged my iPhone into the sound system and we danced to “La Diabla.”

Here’s a Zumba class (no idea where) doing a fairly low-key version of “La Diabla.”

Here’s Casta leading a Zumba dance to music called bachata. You can see her ballroom dance background.

Here’s a great video by a Seattle podiatrist on shoes for Zumba. I’ve been using flexible swing dance shoes and having all the foot problems he describes. As he recommends, I’m going to get some stable cross training shoes with a suede half-sole added by the shoemaker on the front part of the shoe.


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