Fall fashion highlights: Boots, tops, and boyfriend jeans

I’m so excited about fall clothing this year. I have a basket full of beautiful merino, cashmere and silk scarves, some cute black hats, and I haven’t lost all of my gloves…yet.

It helps that (with the exception of those hideous plaid double-breasted babydoll winter coats) this year’s fall fashions are attractive, practical, and even comfortable! Here are the highlights:

Boots: THEY REally are made for walking

born lottie bootThe passion for Frye engineer boots has given way to low-heel equestrian-style boots, which are now ubiquitous on the streets of Seattle. Brown is the favored color. Not only do they look great, they’re easy on your feet.

Tip: If you love the boot look but have trouble getting boots that fit over muscular calves check out the Born boots at Zappos.com. I tried on a few pair of Born boots at a store in Seattle, purchased a pair of the Lottie equestrian boots, and then went online to look at a much wider selection. I’m now rather wishing I’d gotten the Lizzie (very subtle studded, and in a choice of black, red, or tan). I did, however, go completely over the top and order the Montana in grey with red insets. Not a subtle look!

Tops: Essential TEES

I lived in black Gap essential and market t-shirts over the summer, so got the Gap essential neck long-sleeved tee for winter. It runs large, so I got a petite medium rather than a petite large. It’s lightweight, extremely soft, and drapes but doesn’t cling. I expect that this shirt will have the same problem with durability that I’ve experienced with other Gap lightweight t-shirts (one even came with a hole in it and had to be returned) but I’ll tolerate that to get the great fit. The crew neck is neither dorkily high or stupidly low — it’s a modified scoop. Price? $23 or $17 on sale. The Gap fluid pleat-back (rayon) T looks intriguing, but I’m waiting for the reviews. The phrase “skinny sleeves” has me worried.

Eddie Bauer’s boyfriend-style jeans and cords are gorgeous and comfortable, especially the elegant thin-wale cords. The waist and hip fit is neither loose nor tight, but the legs are looser. If you are sick of the skinny jeans that make you look like a sausage or feel like you’re in a foundation garnet, boyfriend jeans are the answer. They look fabulous with a tailored jacket, a short or slim sweater, or even a lightweight tee tucked in and belted. Just don’t try wearing them with one of those big, bulky sweaters that worked with the skinny jeans — you’ll look like a heap of a unfolded laundry. I now have three pair of the boyfriend cords and can report that they wash well and wear well. A sad note: The embroidered-pocket boyfriend jeans at EB were stunning, but they sold out about two weeks into September and, as of this date, have yet to be replenished (a huge fail on Eddie Bauer’s part). And, beware: EB’s other styles of boyfriend jeans, plus the chinos, have those bulky and annoying button flies.

2 responses to “Fall fashion highlights: Boots, tops, and boyfriend jeans

  1. I’m shopping for a pair of black knee high boots right now, and am wearing my boyfriend jeans to pieces. I’m also loving the oversized but fine gauge, sweaters I’m finding. They’re drapey and cozy, but because of the finer knit don’t make me feel like a huge marshmallow.

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