Dressy jackets and sumptuous tops


More than 10 years ago I bought a plain black top at a boutique in Langley, Washington. The top was by a Canadian company called Sympli, and when I went to find more of the tops a few years ago, they were impossible to get in the U.S. But Sympli is back, available in expensive boutiques and, of course, in thrift stores. The shirt I bought 10 years ago still looks brand new, and I recent found an even nicer Sympli top — scoop neck, navy blue — in a thrift shop. Now I’ve spent quite a bit more to get a Sympli tank top through Adare’s Boutique, which sells on eBay. It seems that they’ve made their sizes a bit larger in the past decade, or perhaps are suiting them more for the American customer. Anyway, still great silky material that drapes rather than clings. Sympli clothing comes in a dizzying choice of necklines, sleeve lengths, etc., but this chart from Sympli explains it.

Bella Sisters jacket

Bella Sisters jacket

Bella Sisters

Two or three years ago I bought a gorgeous remade vintage jacket by Bella Sisters at the Fremont Sunday Market. Sadly, I was so entranced by the clever appliqué and cashmere sweater trim (and hood) on the tweed jacket that I didn’t pay sufficient attention to the fit. Like most jackets, vintage or current, it was too longwaisted for me. And, I decided, I’m just too petite to carry off a bulky hood on a tailored jacket. I sold the jacket.

This weekend I ran into Bella Sisters at the Northwest Folklife Festival and gave it another try. I found a jacket that really fit, and I asked them to remove the hood (which they were most gracious about doing). This left me with a beautiful brown tweed jacket with gray appliqué, front and back, and tan fresh-water pearls. I think Bella Sisters is more of a Portland, Oregon, presence than Seattle these days, but you can also find them online.

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