How to keep your yoga mat clean

I love yoga. But I hate rolling up the mat and curling whatever was on the floor all the barefoot yoginis have been tromping around on — right onto the side of the mat that I work out on. I mean, how many of you clean your mat with cleaning solution before your next workout?


A few years ago I tried out some “hot” yoga that required a mat-size yoga towel with grippy plastic dots on one side. The towel sat unused on a shelf until a few weeks ago, when I realized it is the perfect way to keep the workout side of my yoga mat pristine.

Here’s how it works:yoga mat

When you finish the workout, you lay the towel, gripper side up, over the top of the mat. Then roll the mat up. The towel will protect the top side of the mat from the dust, cat fur, or any gunk that the bottom side of the mat picked up from the floor.

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