>This isn’t gelato

>Suddenly Seattle is overrun with cloying, semi-frozen butterfat that calls itself “gelato.” Folks, this is high-fat premium ice cream stored at slightly warmer temperatures.

I was starting to wonder if my memories of gelato from Italy — delicious frozen fresh milk — were flawed. Fortunately, there are at least two places in Seattle making authentic gelato (Royal Grinders in Fremont, next to the statue of Lenin and D’Ambrosio Gelateria Artigianale in Ballard). While D’Ambrosio provides an authentic Italian gelateria experience (you can have multiple flavors in one scoop) I prefer Royal Grinder’s stracciatella (chocolate chip) by a wide margin. (Stracciatella is the benchmark I use for evaluating gelato; another good one to use is pistacchio.)

There are some folks in California who share my concern about preserving the identity and reputation of real, delicious, low-fat gelato. They’re petitioning the state food authorities to set standards for products calling themselves “gelato.”

Meanwhile, I’m going to have to avoid reading Yelp, where people are trashing the authentic gelaterias for selling gelato that isn’t rich and creamy enough. Folks, if you want ice cream, go to Molly Moon’s.

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