>The freedom of routine

>My usual yoga group took a break for the month of April, so I got to try out some yoga classes at the Ballard Health club. I found an early morning class that was interesting, but too slow-moving for my taste, and some great late-morning classes that really challenged me.

Susan’s yoga classes resumed tonight (at a new studio) and I was delighted it. It was a fabulous workout.

I realized that a lot of what made it great for me was knowing Susan’s routines and thus being free to work to my capabilities within them. When I was trying to learn new routines at the health club, I didn’t want to get too far into a pose because we’d move quickly to some new, unknown pose (or series of poses) and I didn’t want to be off balance and slow to make the transition. As a result, it was difficult to get to the point where I could break a sweat. Though I did learn some wonderful new standing poses, including reverse warrior. How had I ever missed reverse warrior?

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