>Taking the "ugh" out of your UGGs

>UGGs are those squat suede shearling-lined boots from Australia that people wear apres-ski (and Hollywood starlets wear with mini-skirts in July).

They last fairly well, except that the latex-backed shearling insoles can get pretty grungy and, if washed, never have the same spring and support. This year I spiffed up my four-year-old UGGs with new official UGG insoles. Fabulous! I even got an extra pair of the insoles for the faux-UGGs I picked up for $14 at Costco last year. With the structured insoles, they immediately felt like real UGGs.

Next restoration task: Get plain shearling replacement insoles for my Merrell slippers. With Merrell, the structure is in the shoe itself, and any flat shearling insole will work.

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