>I can’t let a month go by without a blog post (well, I nearly did).

I just shed a couple of low-return business projects in the hopes of being able to cope with growing workloads from two high-return clients. A third high-return client promptly appeared — with a project that will require me to appear on site twice a week. The “site” is a traditional government office building in Olympia.

This led me to check my wardrobe. I’ve been wearing jeans and cords for the past three years, and this isn’t a jeans-type job.

Fortunately, I found four skirts, three pair of pants, and tons of tops, sweaters, and jackets that look sufficiently professional and aren’t too terribly out of date. Interestingly, they’re all either black, green, brown, grey, or red. (No wonder I like fall, and hate dressing for spring.)

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